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Dialogue: How to Get It to Sound Right

At the end of October the members of the writer’s website ‘Authonomy’ organised an on-line writers’ conference amongst themselves, to discuss all manner of issues that perplex and confound the inexperienced writer. The discussions covered subjects as diverse as ‘What Makes a Good Character’ to ‘How to Keep your Plot On Track’, and a lot of information was exchanged and a lot of tricky questions were answered in the process.

I volunteered to lead the session called ‘Dialogue: How to Get It to Sound Right’ and compiled a set of notes to help getting the discussion started. I know that a number of people from Authonomy are interested in downloading their own copy of the notes from the seminar (and I am sure that there are people outside Authonomy who will find them useful) so I have converted them into a PDF file (just five pages long) and made them available for download.

You can read the notes for this seminar if you click on this link here or you can download the file by right-clicking on the link and downloading with the ‘Save Link As…’ option.


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