A Passing Thought on AI

There’s been a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence recently, and it occurred to me that fiction writers have been creating Artificial Intelligences for centuries. They’re called ‘characters’. All right, so they are not interactive in the conventional sense, but they still have to pass the Turing Test.


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2 responses to “A Passing Thought on AI

  1. An interesting way of looking at things and let’s be honest they do take over and go off and running on their own at times.

  2. Thanks for your post and the chance to think about the Turing Test. Even if an AI program can sound like a human in conversation, can it substantially participate in arriving at a conclusion different from the starting point? Can it persuade, be persuaded, and negotiate? Actually, without pesky assumptions and hypocrises, maybe a computer can do it BETTER. But I’ll stick with human fiction-writing. It’s so satisfying to play God and make my characters sound the way I want them to.

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