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Flash Fiction Stories

Two of my Flash Fiction stories are now available on the Holland House website. They are “Fit for Purpose” (a space exploration epic in just 600 words) and “Growing Season” (a story about the restorative power of horticulture). While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the stories by my fellow Holland House authors, Cass McMain, Marlene Lee, Bustles Lloyd and Robert Peet.

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One small step…

Westerby might look like a cozy English sea-side town that’s seen better days, but just beneath the surface lies all manner of crime, corruption and seedy goings on. What the town needs is a dedicated crime fighter to root out the evil doers and send them packing; unfortunately, all it’s got is Springer, a private detective who’d much rather leave the crime fighting to someone else.

This is the first post in “News from Westerby”, a blog dedicated to recording Springer’s adventures as he tries his best to survive in a world that’s rather more complicated than he would like.

Springer’s complete adventures will be published by Grey Cells Press. The first story, Five and a Half Tons, will be available in Summer 2013.

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